Intimate Allegories

For some years now Deepak Shinde has been exploring the animal world to create appropriate metaphors for the human world, perhaps to underline the loss of purity of the primeval streams of human impulsesópassion, love and detachment. With his background in the figurative, he is now intent on exploring for himself a pictorial idiom where the figurative meets the abstract and articulates simultaneously the immediate and the eternal, the physical and the transcendental, the concrete and the fluid, surface and background.

The two-way movement in his work between the abstraction and the figuration adds a celebratory dynamism and physicality to his canvases. His animal figuresófishes, monkeys, tigers, elephants, bulls, deer , fox, chameleons, parrotsówith their gestures and movements and in their abstraction indicate a mythic representation of life processes. His canvases are temptingly pleasing, bathed as they are in a certain philosophical and primordial light.